Akkopru - Antique Bridge on Dalaman River


 Dalaman River Canyon


 Delicious lunch around wonderfull panaroma of Dalaman River


Floatable Boat Rafting on Dalaman River


 Exciting rapids on Dalaman River


 Adventured and excited rapids on Dalaman River


 Cascades on Dalaman River

List of Major Rivers in Turkey                Deutsch Türkçe Nederlands Polska Русский

DALAMAN RIVER ( INDOS ) : Archaically named INDOS, Its total length is : 229 km. One of major river for rafting sport with it's 3-4 level...

KOPRULU RIVER : 14 KM possibility for daily rafting tour, 1-2-3 level, avaliable for amateur and professional peoples...Daily trips from Belek, Alanya, Side, Manavgat, Kemer holiday villages...

MANAVGAT RIVER : Manavgat River flows 90 km from the eastern slopes of the western Toros (Taurus) mountains, passes over hard conglomerated strata, forms the Manavgat Falls and then enters the coastal plain to empty into the Mediterranean Sea.

CORUH RIVER : The rafting event to be arranged for the first time on the River Coruh, one of Turkey's natural beauties, is going to draw attention to the touristic potential of the Black Sea Region, to the Coruh Valley as well as the natural and historical sites in the vicinity.

ALARA RIVER :  About two hours drive east of Side. Passing through the border of Alanya, Alara river has the difficulty level of about 3-4. Starting from the down part of Gündogmus village, the course is about 25 kilometer long and ends in the outskirts of Alarhan, the castle that dates back to the Seljukians.

CAPPADOCIA ZAMANTI RIVER : Zamanti River is a river in Central Anatolia, Turkey, crossing Kayseri Province in practically its whole course to join Seyhan River further south, of which it is the western, the longest and the most important tributary. Zamantı and Göksu join 80 km north of Adana to form Seyhan River.

GOKSU RIVER :  The Goksu is the most important river in the province of ICEL ( MERSIN ), originating in two branches from the Central Toros (Taurus) mountain range. The southern branch starts at Geyik Mountains, and the other branch at Haydar Mountains.

FIRTINA RIVER :   The River Firtina River is interesting not only for the arched bridges spanning it and the tea plantations lining the banks, but also for the traditional costumes of the local people.

ANAMUR - DRAGON RIVER : Anamur Cayi is suitable for canoeing and rafting. The best place to start an expedition is at the junction of Kilic creek, finishing at the historic Alaköprü bridge 10 km to the south.

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